Thanksgiving is the perfect time to say gracias, reflect on the year that’s passing by, and of course, celebrate the present time among family and friends. While a traditional Thanksgiving dinner tends to feature a roast turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce, it also has room for discovering new things (like Latin American recipes and traditions) and keeping a healthy and sustainable budget-friendly routine.  

Traditions are not meant to be the same FOREVER. Families grow, tastes and recipes can change, and games switch. On top of that, including more budget-conscious choices is not only better for one’s economy but also for the environment. It’s definitely a win-win!

Here are 4 tips to create lasting memories without overspending that you can apply and even share with your loved ones!

1. DIY Decorations

There are platforms, such as Pinterest, that hold a lot of creative ideas for you to discover new ways of doing your own decorations at home. You can have fun and gather with your friends and family while exploring how to dry oranges, create a harvest centerpiece, or even build a thankful tree! It all depends on what you enjoy doing, a great playlist, and time for you to have fun by yourself or your friends!

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2. Potluck Style Gathering

This a very Latin thing to do, and a ritual that many friends and families apply when gathering together. It’s all about inviting each guest to bring a dish. This not only relieves the host of the financial strain but also allows everyone to share their favorite delicacies and specialties.

Tip 1: Plan ahead of time to guarantee a variety and well-rounded cuisine.

Tip 2: You can also arrange a date and time to cook together with some friends or family members so everyone can share the “behind the scenes” of their special recipe. It is not only a great way of saving money but a fun way to gather around the kitchen table!

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3. Promote Outdoor Activities And Games

We know you may enjoy that time when the game is on and the turkey is served, but the afternoon is long and you can make the most of the fall weather by planning inexpensive outdoor activities or games for family and friends. You can play a board game, play touch football (we prefer soccer, of course) if you have a yard, or have a crafting contest! Games and outdoor activities allow everyone to participate in delightful, low-cost entertainment while having fun and digesting all those delicious recipes! 

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4. Build A Family Photo Corner

Create a space for family photos, allowing guests to capture memories throughout the celebration. Encourage everyone to share stories of their own family traditions, fostering a sense of unity and connection. This evening we invite you to forget about digital cameras and smartphones, and try to use Polaroids or even a roll camera! (We’re pretty sure one of your tíos still owns one). 

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Thanksgiving is all about saying gracias (being grateful). You do not need great catering around the house or apartment, big shiny things, and a turkey bigger than the table where it is served. What you need in every celebration (not just this one), is the people that you love around you, walking down memory lane to bring back those stories that have left a mark on you, and creativity. That will do the trick to an amazing day to say “thank you”, love, and creativity! 

PS. We bet there are many ideas out there for you to explore and find even more sustainable ways to make your Thanksgiving budget-friendly. If so, do not hesitate to share in the comments below!!


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