The holidays are here and whether you like packing your schedule with posadas or prefer staying at home to binge on Hallmark movies one thing is certain – baked goods are always necessary!

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And yes, baking can be daunting, especially for those who use their oven as a shoe rack. So we’ve partnered with our friends at Mazola to bring you this quick and efficient must-haves list that will help you get organized in the kitchen and crush your next batch of holiday cookies!

Powder Essentials

The Fab 5 – flour, baking powder, baking soda, corn starch and vanilla extract. Most recipes will require 1 or more of those handy ingredients. Of course, I’m assuming you keep salt around but if you don’t, add it in and make it the Sweet 6.

Measuring Spoons + Cups

While cooking is an art baking is a science that requires accuracy, so a full set of measuring spoons and a measuring cup will ensure that you don’t over use an ingredient.

Trust me, an over-(or under-) estimated tbsp of this or that can lead to an unpleasant taste or batter that doesn’t bake.

Silicone Spatula

This tool is key. Not only can you transfer cookies and things from the baking sheets with it but it can also help you scrape the last bits of batter and dough from your mixes. Bonus, silicone can withstand high heat and is easy to clean!

Chef’s Knife

If you could only pick one knife, make sure this is the one. It’s all purpose and can chop, slice, dice and mince just about anything. Careful with your fingers!

Rectangular Baking Pan

A 9in x 13in multipurpose pan can be used for so many things: breads, cakes, brownies, small batches of cookies, a plate if you can’t wait to eat your treats, etc.

Cookie Baking Sheet

Having at least one of these will ensure you can whip up a quick batch of cookies for a holiday party. Or a party of one, on your couch. I recommend picking up two!

Hand Mixer

It doesn’t have to be fancy, just something to help save your arm when mixing dough, thick ingredients, etc. Unless you want the extra arm gains.

Parchment Paper

Line your baking sheets and pans with this handy helper and save yourself from brownies and cookies sticking to the pan. And from a lengthy clean up afterwards!

Lastly, whether your recipe calls for flour or dough make sure your kitchen is always stocked with an essential cooking oil, like Mazola Corn Oil (wink, wink).


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