Plant-based recipes and meat-free diets, for health and lifestyle reasons, are gaining popularity among Latinos every day, challenging the myth that Latinos can’t be vegetarians.

If you decided to try a meatless diet, or simply want to enjoy a plant-based dish, it won’t be difficult to find ideas among the innumerable and exquisite vegetarian options in our Latin cuisine.

Mazorca desgranada costeña (Corn Kernels Snack)


Corn Kernels Snack

Corn Kernels Snack

Easy, delicious and loaded with cheese! This traditional dish from the north coast of Colombia is as easy as it is delicious. First, you boil or roast the corn cob and cut the grains while still hot, then add grated cheese (preferably Colombian fresh cheese), tartar sauce and grated potato chips.

Papas a la Huancaína

papas a la huancaina - Cocina

A traditional recipe of Peruvian cuisine, this dish is a delicious way to accompany any meal. Once the potatoes are boiled, bathe them with a rich sauce made with fresh cheese, milk and yellow pepper. Serve with lettuce, black olives and a boiled egg sliced in half. A classic that won’t disspoint!

Quinoa Chili

quinoa1 - Cocina

Mexican rice, quinoa avocado salad with chilli dressing

A creative version of chili using quinoa, a type of grain that has a high nutritional value and that will guarantee a delicious and nutritious dish. To make the chili, the cooked quinoa is mixed with beans and corn, and seasoned with a little garlic, onion, pepper, cilantro and olive oil. Best served with slices of creamy avocado.

Vegetarian Hallacas

hallacas - Cocina

Tamales, Mexican dish made with corn dough, chicken and chili, wrapped with a corn leaf

One of the most popular dishes in Caribbean culture, especially in the Venezuelan coast, are hallacas. There are several variations of this dish, commonly served as a strong breakfast, and the vegetarian version is a true delicacy. Vegetarian hallacas are shaped like a tamale, prepared with corn flour and a rich filling of vegetables, olives, chickpeas, capers and raisins. We invite you to try them.

Buñuelos de Frijol (Bean fritters)

bean fritters - Cocina

This is a traditional recipe from the Colombian Caribbean region. These fritters, made with black beans or cowpeas, as they are known in other regions, are commonly served as a breakfast or a strong snack.

Ensaladilla rusa (Spanish potato salad)

russian salad - Cocina

Another very popular dish in Latin America is Russian salad. It is typicaly served as a side dish on Christmas dinners or family lunches for its simplicity and flavor. To make it, simply mix cubed boiled potatoes and carrots, peas, mayonnaise, salt, pepper and a touch of parsley.

by Alex Tabar & Jose V. Arcieri


Sweet Roasted Grape Tostada

Give some flair to the traditional eating of the grapes at midnight in New Year’s eve with this exquisite tostada.


Brazilian Collard Greens

The classic side dish from the famous Brazilian churrascarías, made easy to enjoy at home.

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