Holiday shopping is always such a stressful and time consuming process. Especially if you’re looking for the perfect gifts for Latino foodies. Luckily for you, our incredibly talented COCINA team have hand selected the perfect kitchen tools, gadgets and knick knacks for all the Latino foodies in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your ‘tia’, or a White Elephant Party, these gifts are a guaranteed hit that won’t break the bank!

For the “made from scratch” Latino foodie

Tortilla Press

Tortilla Press for Made from Scratch Latino foodie

Tortilla Press for Made from Scratch Latino foodie

Does the Latino foodie in your life love to brag about making their meals from scratch? Tortillas are so much better when they’re fresh, and they’re easy to make when you have the right tools! This commercial grade Tortilla Press will form perfect tortillas in seconds. It’s used in all the best Mexican restaurants throughout the world!

For the versatile Latino foodie

Spiceology Variety Pack For Meat Lovers

Spiceology Pack for versatile Latino foodies

Spiceology Pack for versatile Latino foodies

There’s always one tío or tía (or maybe even your parents!) who just loooove trying new combinations of flavors when grilling. These Latino foodies will go extra lengths (a.k.a., all the mercados in 50 miles around) to get those specific spices to work their magic with once the fire is up.

So why don’t just save them lots of runs and time and give them their own grown up cooking magic kit? 

We are talking about the Spiceology’s Variety Pack For Meat Lovers, with the best of the best of their rubs to top their favorite piece of meat. They can rub it on or make a spiced butter to melt on the perfect steak.

Get ready for the next BBQ where they’ll treat you to a steak tasting to try them all out!

For the Latino Instachef

Mexican Handblown Aqua Glasses

Mexican Hand blown Aqua Glasses for Instachef Latino foodies

Mexican Hand blown Aqua Glasses for Instachef Latino foodies

We all have one amiga whose Instagram game is next level. And as we go through her Instagram account, seeing (and envying) her perfect food plating skills and kitchenware, lightning strikes!

What better gift for this Latina Foodie than one of the most beautiful and unique items they could feature in their 2022 posts? Made from recycled glass bottles, these Mexican Aqua glasses are hand blown and crafted by artisans in Jalisco, Mexico. 

Each piece is special and unique due to the hand-crafted nature, so each one of them has their own one of a kind mix of aquamarine and sea blue. Talk about Insta-worthy!

Your Latina foodie amiga will have the perfect glasses to show off her cocktail skills (and you can have it too, why not buy them as a gift for yourself?).  

For the busy Latino foodie

Organic Mexican Drinking Chocolate

Organic Mexican Drinking Chocolate for busy Latino foodies

Organic Mexican Drinking Chocolate for busy Latino foodies

This Latino foodie comes in all ages: the point is they’re always busy. Want to come to a baile next weekend? No can do, busy visiting extended family. Want to grab something to eat together during lunch break? Nope, they have to take the kids to soccer.

Still, we love them and feel for them and their busy schedules (as ours, aren’t we all busy?). And we know that lack of time doesn’t equal lack of taste buds, and they deserve well.

Gift them with a taste of traditional Mexican chocolate. Made from ground roasted organic cacao nibs, sugar, and cinnamon, they just need to add hot water to this Organic Mexican Drinking Chocolate and treat themselves to its distinctive spiced flavor in less than 5 minutes. They will love it (and you). 

For the avid home cook Latino foodie

Food Storage Bags

food storage bags

Food storage bags for the avid home cook Latino foodie

Let’s talk about Latino foodies and our fridge organizing skills: we have to admit sometimes we go a little bit far with our upcycling knack that makes each butter bucket a food container.  

And for fresh food, sometimes you need to go the extra mile, especially if you are an avid Latino home cook foodie.

If you have one of them in your life, these food storage bags are a perfect Christmas sock filler! They are made of a unique material that preserves freshness and postpones food spoilage, helping it last twice as long as other storage alternatives.

And more great news: these food storage bags are reusable and recyclable (just like we like them), so they reduce both food and material waste.


Now that you have all these amazing gift ideas for the Latino foodies in your life, what are you waiting for?


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