Holiday shopping is always such a stressful and time consuming process. Luckily for you, our incredibly talented group of COCINA chefs, our agents of flavor, have hand selected the perfect kitchen tools & gadgets for all the foodies in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your ‘tia’, or a White Elephant Party, these gifts are a guaranteed hit that won’t break the bank!

1 /Tortilla Press

Does your Foodie love to brag about making their meals from scratch? Tortillas are so much better when they’re fresh, and they’re easy to make when you have the right tools! This commercial grade Tortilla Press will form perfect tortillas in seconds. It’s used in all the best Mexican restaurants throughout the world!

For the “Made from Scratch” Cook

tortilla min - Cocina

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2/ Electric Knife Sharpener

Every great home cook knows, a cook is only as good as their knives are sharp. However, knife sharpening services can add up to be quite a costly expense over the years. This Electric Knife Sharpener is not only easy & fast, but it has the ability to sharpen most, if not all, the different types of knives in your home cook’s kitchen.  Bonus: it’s safe!

For the Avid Home Cook

Sharpener min - Cocina

Sharpener - Cocina

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3 / Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Does your foodie love to cook all kinds of delicious dishes? From searing tuna to roasting chicken, a Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet is a must have for every kitchen. You’ve probably seen us using it in many of our COCINA recipe videos! We love it because it’s extremely durable and, due to the absence of chemical coating, it packs a ton of flavor into our food. More versatility also means less mess, and we hate doing dishes just as much as you do. It’s also great for camping or cooking outdoors!

For the Versatile Cook

cast iron min - Cocina

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34/ Mexican Clay Pot

We love taking pictures of our food (obvi). This handcrafted Clay Pot from Hidalgo, Mexico adds an authentic touch to every fiesta table! But it’s not just for the Likes. It’s safe for gas, electric, or glass stove tops as well as the microwave, oven, or grill! Plus it’s 100% lead-free.

For the Instachef

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5 / MultipurposeVegetable Chopper

Knife skills are a super important part of making a delicious meal with consistent flavor, but who has the time these days to cut perfect julienned and diced vegetables? The MultipurposeVegetable Chopper will help your busy foodie slice, dice, and spiralize fast, with one simple tool. It saves a ton of time on prep with almost no mess! This model is BPA-free and is easy to disassemble for cleaning.

For the Busy Cook

Screen Shot 2018 12 14 at 10.52.40 AM min - Cocina

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Happy Holidays!


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