One of the most exciting parts about traveling to any new place is introducing your taste buds to a whole new palette of flavor by indulging in local cuisine. For Latin Americans, one thing is the same: heritage and culture is showcased through staple foods.

Each country has a unique story to tell through a variety of popular dishes it’s quite famous for.  If you’re looking for an authentic experience, here are 5 deliciously unforgettable dishes that are a must to try while visiting these countries

Peru: Ceviche

ceviche min 4 - Cocina

Ceviche is declared to be an integral part of Peru’s heritage–so much so that it even has a national holiday declared for it. We can’t think of a better place to visit for the freshest fish and seafood in Latin America than the coasts of Peru.  The simple but flavorful dish calls for fresh fish drenched in lime, onions, spicy peppers and cilantro for an extra kick.

Argentina: Asado

asado min - Cocina

Locals would consider it a crime to leave Argentina without indulging in its authentic asado on a warm afternoon. Originating with gauchos or cowboys that had an abundance of livestock, this national dish consists of tender and spiced pork, beef, sausages, blood sausages and sweetbread fresh off the grill. Top it off with a fresh and colorful chimichurri sauce and you’ll have yourself an extraordinary Argentinian taste experience.

Colombia: Arepas

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While in Colombia, you’ll notice that the arepa is one of the most prominent and commonly eaten foods in every Colombian household. Because of its simplicity as a thicker corn or flour tortilla, arepas can be filled and eaten with various toppings. From eggs (Arepas de Huevo) to cheese (Arepas de Queso), the possibilities are endless with these fluffy and warm rounds of goodness. You can also find great arepas in Venezuela.

Brazil:  Feijoada

feijoada 1 min - Cocina

This national dish is a delicious pork and black bean stew full of traditional and rich flavors famous in Brazil. Traditionally served over rice, this meal is as warm, vibrant and comforting as the people and culture you’ll come across in Brazil.

Mexico: Chiles en Nogada

chiles min - Cocina


While showcasing the three colors in its flag, this dish is one of Mexico’s most patriotic. The color green is presented in poblano chillies which are stuffed with picadillo, a vibrant blend of meats, fruits and spices. These stuffed peppers are then topped with a rich and creamy walnut-based sauce and fresh pomegranate seeds to show white and red. If you want to embrace Mexico’s patriotic spirit, the Chiles en Nogada is a must!


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