By “cook with shrimp” we don’t mean cooking with a small guy or gal— although, that’s never discouraged (coming from a shorty). We’re talking about trying some of your favorite everyday meals with shrimp as an alternative— because, hey, who doesn’t love options. And boy, does shrimp come with options. Should I do the whole Forrest Gump/Bubba monologue, “…shrimp soup, shrimp salad, shrimp burger…”? Eh, I’ll spare you.

But the point that Bubba so adorably made in the film is that shrimp is a bright star in the culinary world. Shrimp is delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s probably one of the simplest sources of protein to combine with other foods; easygoing and not all “in your face” with overpowering flavor. Much like chicken, shrimp goes with anything.

Latinos have already incorporated shrimp in tons of their famous dishes. Ceviche and shrimp tacos are some of the first to come to mind. They’re highly popular around summertime and most beachside taquerias, and that’s mainly due to how light and fresh they are… and how well they go with a nice cold Mexican beer. But aside from the obvious Mexican delights we all know and love, there are other unique and lesser known ways of integrating shrimp into our everyday feasts. Here are 5 meal ideas that you just have to try with shrimp in the mix.


shrimp enchilada min 1 - Cocina

The thought of enchiladas is sure to get anyone excited for dinnertime. Especially the cook, considering how easy they are to make. For this reason, enchiladas have become a pretty standard menu item in most households. So, if you’re looking to change it up a bit, while still preserving that yummy enchilada taste, green shrimp enchiladas are a must try! The recipe: creamy cheese and shrimp rolled in a tortilla and drenched in green enchilada sauce. The outcome: happy bellies filled with yummy goodness.


saltado min - Cocina

The Peruvian treasure, ‘lomo saltado,’ is one of my all-time favorites. It features a perfect balance of savory ingredients and unique flavors; however, it can be quite the indulgence. Anytime you combine fries, rice, and beef sautéed in a thick marinade, you know you’ll have to spare dessert or get that booty in the gym. But substitute that steak with shrimp and you can cut that workout time in half.


empanadas1 min 1 - Cocina

There definitely is not a lack of empanada filling out there. We’ve seen empanadas of all sorts. From beef or chicken, to corn or cheese— there definitely is no shortage of things we’ve tried stuffing in an empanada. However, shrimp is the one ingredient that never made it to the big leagues despite being seriously tasty. We’re talking shrimp, cheese, and veggies in a flakey warm doughy pocket… how could you go wrong?


pozole min 2 - Cocina

Similar to the empanada, there is no lack of ways to make a good pozole. It’s known for being diverse and catering to the pickiest of eaters, while remaining true to its roots. Your biggest decisions are whether to go red, green, or white pozole and, most importantly, what kind of meat to stir into the pot. Our suggestion: substitute the usual pork with some shrimp and get with the times and go green!


skewers min - Cocina

This one’s an easy one. Almost too easy. We all get lazy and decide on an easy-peasy kabob night now and then. Stab some meat and veggies on a stick and throw that bad boy on the grill… voila!It’s dinnertime, fam. But to add a little extra flavor to your night, marinate some shrimp in a tequila lime sauce and grill them up with some bell peppers, tomato, and onions. Serve these alongside some rice and now we’re talking. Tequila, shrimp, and laziness? I’m sold!


Hearts of Palm Fritters

An easy and quick vegetarian alternative to fried calamari. Perfect for sharing!


Tomato Cashew Pesto

A brilliant and mouthwatering combination of tomato and cashew that you can enjoy over your favorite pastas.

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