What’s better than highlighting the work of an amazing and talented woman? You got it! Highlighting the work of five amazing and talented woman! 

From creating new delicious flavor combinations, to photographing with expertise their works and building their audiences, to writing books and receiving awards for their efforts, these are five Latinas you should be following. 

Get to know these Latina food creators!

Lola, the Boricua running Café, Sazón y Vida:

A true Boricua, Lola was born in Puerto Rico. Wanting to open herself to new horizons, she moved to Texas and lived in Washington state with her family until 2022, when she moved back to Texas.

Lola has always enjoyed taking pictures and a few years ago she started documenting her adventures and her Puerto Rican culture on her Instagram account and blog. Her goal with this has always been to inspire people to cook, travel and eat delicious food. She reminds us of key delicious information like: “Coquito is not Eggnog!” and that “Die Hard IS a Xmas movie,” – while sharing a stunning recipe.

Everything that this talented woman shows on her social media is self-taught (both photography and her cooking skills). Follow her and enjoy amazing content!

Latina Food Creators - Lola

Ana, the inspirational Dominican behind Inspired With A Twist:

Ana grew up in two different places: the Dominican Republic and then Miami. Growing up, she always watched the women of her family cook from memory and without measuring. That childhood shaped her current project. In her words, “As you may have noticed, this isn’t your typical recipe blog. This is more of an Inspiration Blog.”

Ana started cooking when she was 12 years old. Her first dish was the traditional Dominican dish called Mangu. In 2015, after having her son she moved to Seattle—which if you’ve never gone from Miami to Seattle… let’s just say they are completely different parties. If Miami is flavors, diverse, and sexy, Seattle is hoodies, Starbucks, and kayaking. That meant that basically overnight she had access (or lack of access) to different cultures and spices, and Ana had to relearn her craft.

She began experimenting with different recipes, oftentimes disappointed with the end product. But THAT is where she found her inspiration. She decided to create Inspired with a Twist, where she takes flavors and spices from different cultures / dishes and gives them her own Caribbean twist – in hopes that she inspires others to do the same.

Latina Food Creators - Ana

Nicole, the Latina and Mexican-American recipe developer from Presley’s Pantry:

Nicole describes herself as a Mexican-American woman and COMFORT FOOD recipe developer, who is passionate about culture and food.

Growing up, no one in her family cooked, so she was fascinated by people who knew how to make magic happen in the kitchen. Nicole has always been passionate about cooking, and later found a passion for baking, too.

With a Mexican and American dessert cookbook written (called ¡Viva Desserts!) Nicole recognizes herself a self-taught cook. On her Instagram account and her blog, she shares her recipes and shares what sparks her inspiration. We dare you to try her Arroz con Leche Brûlée – essentially two desserts coming together to make perfection!

She has partnered and helped with product development for several companies, and her award winning food has earned her national recognition with Cosmo for Latinas, voted best comfort food by Latina Magazine. Amazing achievement!

Latina Food Creators - Nicole

Nancy, the plant-based Latina chef from Mexican Made Meatless:

Nancy was born and raised in a traditional small town Mexican environment, where she watched the women of her family cook with passion. 

Nancy runs a blog and social media accounts where she shares vegan Mexican recipes and vegetarian Mexican recipes. She is a specialist in transforming authentic traditional Mexican dishes into delicious modern meatless recipes, hence the name of her project: Mexican Made Meatless. From Chickpea “tuna” salad to vegan ceviche, she is redefining the game, while holding tight to rich cultural roots.

She is a freelance professional food photographer and videographer with 10 years of food blogging experience and has published three digital cookbooks. The last one launched in 2021 under the name Mexican Tamales Made Meatless. Congratulations!

Latina Food Creators - Nancy

Vianney, owner of Sweet Life, a Mexican-Texan food blog:

Vianney is the founder and recipe developer behind Sweet Life. This project is a celebration of her life in South Texas and an exploration of South Texas food and culture, combined with her Mexican heritage.

Vianney’s goal is to share her passion (both on her blog and social media) for good food and celebrating memories and experiences as a family through the lens of food and travel. She is also the author of Latin Twist, a collection of nearly 100 delicious Latin-inspired cocktails, and The Tex-Mex Slow Cooker, a cookbook with 100 incredible, simple Tex-Mex recipes that you can make at home in your slow cooker. Her Concha Cake is the stuff that dreams are made of – while her Albondigas de Pollo recipe will bring you all the comfort of home in one spoonful.

Make sure to show support and follow her!

Latina Food Creators - Vianney

In order for the Latin women community to continue to thrive, it’s important to take time to celebrate and support their incredible talents during Women’s History Month. And most importantly, don’t forget that you can (and should) continue to support them every day!


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