Let’s talk about the most important meal of the day for a moment. It has the power to turn a bad morning into a beautiful day if you do it right, but skipping it can have dire consequences (ie: hanger), so let’s just not. And there’s really no better way to enjoy the first meal of your day than doing it big with the whole family—even better if you kick it up a notch with a yummy mimosa or Bloody Mary. But coming up with new, fun, and inventive ideas can be tougher than waking up next to a fully-awake, hyper child jumping on your bed. Whether it be your significant other or your actual kid.

While Latinos have graced us with tons of ingenious lunch and dinner recipes, one mealtime they’re less commonly known for is breakfast. Lucky for us though, their culinary repertoire is actually full of amazing options that have been hiding in the shadows of the nachos and tamales. Here are 5 delicious Latin American breakfast ideas that are ideal for your next homemade brunch.


eggs min - Cocina


Spanish for ‘wedding,’ the casamiento breakfast is the perfect marriage of Salvadorian flavors and ingredients. For our sake, let’s hope the divorce stats play in their favor. This plate has all the good stuff that Latin cuisine has to offer—just add eggs. Rice and beans, eggs with bell pepper and onions, and fried plantains. A little sweet, a little savory, a little of everything. You’ll love it so much, you’ll wanna marry it.


chila min - Cocina

Chilaquiles have already sold out, made it big, and forgotten about the little people. This Mexican favorite can be found at most Mexican joints and trendy brunch spots alike. But nothing says “bronche” (unofficial Mexican brunch) like some homemade chilaquiles. The best part of this dish is its ability to adapt to personal preferences. You can make them with green salsa, with red salsa, with scrambled eggs, with fried eggs—when it comes to chilaquiles, the options are limitless. Serve them with potatoes and beans and you won’t want to do brunch any other way again.


mote min - Cocina

Ecuadorians aren’t typically known for their cuisine, let alone their breakfast options. While they have tons of tasty traditional dishes on their menus, most of the popular foods of Ecuador are credited to countries like Peru and Colombia. Nevertheless, the Mote Pillo breakfast is an Ecuadorian original and worth your time and efforts. Traditionally, it’s made with hominy corn kernels, scrambled eggs, achiote pepper, onions, and garlic… but make it your own and add a meat or veggie of your choice.


calentado min - Cocina

The Colombians know the meaning of a “well-balanced breakfast” and it shows in their calentado breakfast. It’s got a little bit of everything you want out of breakfast and makes the Grand Slam at Denny’s look like an oatmeal cup. The bonus is that it includes arepas which are a personal favorite of mine… think thick, doughy tortillas. But let’s invite eggs, chorizo, beans & rice, cheese and avocado to the party and you’ve got yourself a calentado breakfast… party.


tacos min 1 - Cocina

We all love tacos and we all love breakfast burritos, but a lesser-known option is the breakfast taco. Inexplicably, these gems are really only popular on Tex-Mex menus. But there’s no reason we shouldn’t be making these bad boys at home every chance we get. They’re incredibly easy to make and satisfy every member of the family—but most importantly, you. Gotta look out for number one, am I right? And how do we do that? Tacos. Always. Just some scrambled eggs with your choice of meat, cheese and salsa topped on a small flour tortilla and you’ve got a breakfast of champions. Pro tip: add pan-fried diced potatoes to the mix for some extra self-love.



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