Summer is here, and so are summer barbecues and dinners. And most especially, 4th of July is right around the corner! We asked food and travel writer, cook and host Marisel Salazar for her favorite summer gatherings’ dishes and we dug our own to bring you the best 4th of July recipes.

So if you are looking for Latin takes on festive 4th of July recipes and, why not, summer classics, here are our top 10 picks!

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

Festive 4th of July recipes: The drinks

Picture this: a 4th of July family cookout, under a hundred degrees, your grill-master-wannabe tío sweating under the sun while grilling some meat and refusing any involvement from (Heaven’s forbid!) any non-male member of the family, the kiddie pool already transformed by the heat into a Finnish sauna so the youngest of the family are running around the backyard throwing at each other any liquid they may find while the tías threaten them with a thousand obscure scenarios if they wet their hairdos. You all need something cool and delicious to drink and we got you covered.

First, for the grown ups:  Clericot. One of the most delicious inventions in history: white wine + fruit salad. We may be biased, but this combo is pure bliss.

For a non-alcoholic beverage, Marisel proposes her Spicy Mango Tajín Smoothie, “a refreshing, drinkable version of the fresh, cut up mangos sprinkled with tajín I buy on the streets”.

Latin takes on 4th of July salads and appetizers

Now that we are hydrated (as much as we can be), let’s start digging into some amazing food bites.

We all love hot dogs and we know they’re basically untouchable as the go-to for 4th of July BBQs, but 45 million argentinians cannot be wrong about one of their favorite food-to-eat-while-standing-up: Choripán. Which entails a chorizo inside a split, crispy bun, with delicious sauces like chimichurri or salsa criolla on top. Check out our Choripan Bites, a recipe that will change your whole BBQ game.

Looking for a fresh, sweet and savory picnic appetizer? Marisel recommends her Hawaiian Roll Cubano Sliders: “My Hawaiian Roll Cubano Sliders come together super fast. This recipe combines my Cuban background and my time spent living in Hawaii. It’s the perfect sheet pan recipe to feed a crowd in a fix.”

When it comes to salads, the wider the variety, the better! This Fig and Hazelnut Salad achieves the perfect balance between freshness, crunchiness, sweet and savory flavors. For the seafood enthusiasts in the family. try this Fish Taco Salad, with fresh fish marinated in chipotle adobo, avocado slices, arugula and quinoa.

And while we are talking about seafood for 4th of July recipes, what about some Rabas? This fried calamari recipe is a staple in the southern region of South America: crispy and golden brown on the outside, while tender on the inside,  a treat for any seafood fan!

4th of July recipes: Main dishes

Is everybody freshened up and has already dived into the appetizers? Great! It’s time for the main dish. And you can’t spell “4th of July barbecue” without “steak”.

With Cocina’s own Steak with Chimichurri recipe, you’ll become the new grilling-master of the family (sorry tío! It’s time for the younger generations to take their place in the spotlight… or next to the grill, in this case).

Marisel’s pick is close to her heart: her Copycat Pollo Campero Fried Chicken. “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve loved Pollo Campero fried chicken. And when I wasn’t near one at certain times during my adult life, I decided to create my own copycat recipe so that I could have it whenever I wanted. And this recipe uses an airfryer to create that crunchy fried chicken skin all over!”

A sweet end to your 4th of July celebration

Is it really the 4th of July without apple pie? What about a Vegan Apple Tart for the sobremesa with some cafecito for the whole family? Its delicious glaze made of coconut oil and almond milk that bathes the softened apple slices with just a pinch of cardamom will melt in everybody’s mouths and souls. Trust us!

Like Marisel says: “Nothing can compete with a classic – unless it’s got a fresh, summery twist to it.”

And just like her picks are “super easy to make and require minimal yet affordable ingredients”, all of these 10 Latin and festive 4th of July recipes will bring sabor to your Independence Day celebration -and your summer!




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