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Miami Legends:
Unveiling the Best Local Latin Bites & the Refreshingly Sweet and Fizzy Sidekick That Makes Them Even Better

Sunshine, warm breezes, and a chance to live a better life are all things that make Miami a magnet for hundreds of thousands if not millions. Some are popping in just for vacation, while others have made the city their forever home. Over the decades, Latinxs have landed here in droves, infusing the city with […]

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Mofongo All-Stars & Empanada Empresses:
NYC’s Latin Royalty and their best tasting BFF

New York City is a melting pot of cultures, and its Latin communities bring a vibrant energy and a world of flavor to the table. From ​​chipotle-marinated chicken tacos with beautiful chiles and Mexican roots shining through to perfectly crafted Puerto Rican mofongo (deep-fried, mashed green plantains) to, Peruvian ceviche (fresh seafood cured in citrusy […]

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¡Dale, L.A.! Unforgettable Latin Eats Made Even Fizzier

Los Angeles basks in sunshine, but we think its vibrancy comes from something deeper – its rich tapestry of Latin American cultures. No matter which corner of the city you are exploring, a traditional Latin food restaurant will always reach you through its colors, aromas, and atmosphere.. Your senses will be bombarded with delicious possibilities. […]

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Houston’s Latinx Havens:
Savor the Sizzle with a side of Ice-Cold Pepsi®

Nothing beats a delicious meal at a local family-owned restaurant. Houston’s booming Latino population has fueled a vibrant culinary scene bursting with flavor and these family-owned eateries have been a big part of building it. Understanding how important these Hispanic-owned businesses are to our communities, PepsiCo launched Juntos Crecemos, a program dedicated to helping these […]

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